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Grandview Children’s Centre Strategic Plan 2018-2023

In the spring of 2017, the Provincial Government advised Grandview that our request for funds for a long-awaited new facility had been approved. Grandview’s Board of Trustees considered this an optimal time to develop a new Strategic Plan.

In setting new strategic directions, the Board wanted to ensure that many stakeholders were heard. As part of the process, Grandview families, partners, staff, and members of the paediatric network were engaged. In addition, surveys were conducted to reach additional partners and solicit input from other families and the public.  This feedback combined with a review of emerging issues in the field of paediatrics, developmental medicine and children’s rehabilitation were considered as we set out the directions for the next five years.

We know Grandview will be faced with managing new, increased demands in an environment of limited resources. Our strong foundation combined with our new Strategic Plan, “Building on Excellence” will chart the way to meet the challenges ahead, now and through to 2023.

Our values, people, approach and relationships are our significant strengths on which we will advance. We must continue to sustain our excellence and strive to reach the next level.