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By: Grandview Kids — March 24, 2020

Dear Grandview Community,

We continue to find ways in which to connect with you and work remotely during these uncertain times.

Thank you for doing your part to maintain physical distancing.

For those of you who are self-isolating at home, thank you for your vigilance. Many Grandview families have the added stress of caring for medically complex children and we know how much they need all of us to do our part to keep ALL kids healthy and safe.

Daily across social media sites, multiple tools and resources are being posted offering online learning and supports for kids and families.

We know that for many Grandview families many of these resources are not accessible or appropriate.

We also know that many parents are stressed trying to fit in “school work “ and therapy in addition to working as essential services, working from home, managing care routines and responding to new behaviours that may be arising with all of this disruption.

It is okay to not be on top of all of this. It is okay to feel overwhelmed and scared.  It is okay to not be okay right now.

It is one of the reasons we will be reaching out to you in many ways to check in.

Grandview is working to share resources meant for kids with communication, physical and developmental needs.

We also want to share resources for parents and caregivers to support your self-care, as a healthy YOU is critical for your child right now.

Here is a great parent/caregiver website we really like.

You can also try the Care Mongers COVID-19 Response Phone Line at 1-888-573-0982 if you need help or are isolated during the pandemic.

In addition, the Grandview Online Parent Support (OPS) Facebook page is a tremendous parent resource for Grandview families.  If you are not already a member here is how to sign up:  Please visit and click join. Then check your Facebook Messenger for some identifying questions or email with your child’s name or client ID and your Facebook profile name so your information can be verified.

We will continue to reach out to you and do everything we can to help.

You are in my thoughts and the thoughts of the entire team at Grandview

With care,


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