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By: Grandview Kids — February 15, 2018

Winter months can be daunting with low temperatures and nasty weather keeping kids cooped up indoors. If you have a room or a basement with some open space, a tip for keeping your kids active indoors is to make a fun indoor obstacle course.

How to make the obstacle course:

You can stack up cushions to make hurdles, make agility pathways by taping lines on the floor, and include stations like jumping jacks and bean bag toss. You even can use hula hoops or empty laundry baskets as targets and rolled up socks as bean bags.

Fundamental movement skills like jumping, throwing, and catching are very important for the physical development of a child. It’s incredibly important to keep kids active all year round, even if that means taking a bit of extra effort during the colder months.

Let your kids help with the building and everyone is sure to have fun!

Thanks to Natalyn Hibbs, Physical Literacy Coordinator for this fun tip! If you want more where this came from, check out our Active Start program with Natalyn!


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