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By: Grandview Kids — January 11, 2018

6-year-old Lily, one of our youngest donors, has one incredibly kind heart.

If you know Lily, you’d know she’s in first grade and enjoys swimming, skating, playing with friends, building forts, telling jokes, being funny and “growing to be big and strong.”

She also enjoys helping other kids.

This year, when Lily’s birthday rolled around, she made a very special decision. Instead of asking for gifts for her birthday, she asked for her friends to make a donation to Grandview Children’s Centre.

“Mommy and I talked about how I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my friends, but didn’t need any gifts. I just wanted to hang out with my friends,” said Lily. “We talked about helping others and kids helping kids. I asked about helping Grandview. Mommy emailed Grandview to ask if we could make a donation. We sent out envelopes with my invitations and an explanation of what I wanted for my birthday.”

When Lily told her friends about why she wanted to donate to Grandview, she had so many great things to say.

“I told my friends that I saw Santa at Grandview. I told them that Grandview was the best place I could ever go to. I told them that Grandview is a lot of fun and helped my brother speak,” said Lily.

Grandview means a lot to Lily, because her own brother has used the services Grandview has to offer.

“It means a lot to help my brother… I want you to be able to help other kids who need help speaking. Nolan is a good speaker because of Grandview.”

Before donating to Grandview, Lily says she has donated food and toys to other kids in need.

Lily is one generous kid and a great friend of Grandview.

Nothing beats the power of kids helping kids.

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