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By: Grandview Kids — December 6, 2018

Today, Grandview announced that it will be the first public organization in Durham Region to have a universally accessible emergency Epipen at its Oshawa headquarters.

“Although our focus is on child development, the foundation of child development is the ability to live and learn in a supportive environment. We truly are thrilled to move forward to help protect the health of those with severe life threatening allergies,” says Dr. Carolyn Hunt, Developmental Paediatrician and Medical Director at Grandview Children’s Centre. “It can take time for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities to learn skills related to independence, which for some includes carrying an Epipen. We will remain a nut sensitive environment but having the Epipen onsite, in a secure alarm accessed location is most reassuring.”

Anaphylactic allergy affects 3 to 5% of Canadian children. Here at Grandview Children’s Centre, expert paediatric staff work with children with special needs, including autism, ADHD and cerebral palsy. Many of these children with complex needs also have anaphylactic allergies to peanuts, eggs, milk and much more. Grandview also provides feeding assessments and use food during some of these assessments. It has always been a concern what might happen if a parent were to forget their child’s Epipen should they have a reaction here at Grandview.

As a result of careful research and collaboration, as well as technical support with research from the Durham Region, Grandview is thrilled to launch our first universally accessible emergency Epinephrine device. This device will be available to any member of the public who witnesses someone at Grandview having an episode of an emergency anaphylactic allergy.

All of Grandview’s staff are trained in first-aid and emergency recognition and management of an allergy. In addition to our staff, parents and caregivers will also have access to this emergency, alarm monitored Epipen if their child is having a reaction.

“Once again, Grandview’s Medical Director Dr. Carolyn Hunt is leading important safety initiatives for paediatric excellence in Durham,” says Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann, Grandview Children Centre’s Chief Executive Officer. “I’m proud of the leadership consistently demonstrated by our Grandview paediatric experts within the walls of Grandview as well as across Durham and Ontario when it comes to innovation and quality care.”

We look forward to other agencies and communities within Durham Region following our lead on this project. We also would like to thank the city of Hamilton for taking the provincial lead in this important project. We plan to roll out emergency Epinephrine devices across our six sites over the coming months.

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