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By: Grandview Kids — January 10, 2018

One of the many highlights of Grandview’s 2017 year was the complete overhaul of our confidential room, used mostly by social work.

The confidential room, as many may know, allows family to meet privately with Grandview staff and is often where support group meetings are held.  Parents sometimes receive difficult news about their child’s diagnosis in this room as well.

A room with such an important purpose should be warm, inviting and comfortable.

However, until recently, the room had not been touched for twenty years. The beige walls and old, uncomfortable furniture was the same as it had been for years.

This December, though, this all changed.

Thanks to long-time friends of Grandview, Stephanie and Howard Humphrey or MTC Factory Outlet, this room got a total makeover.

With the help of the Humphrey’s friends and family, this very important room at Grandview is looking refreshed and inviting, full of comfortable furniture kindly donated by Furniture Galleries Oshawa.

The room is now painted a soft blue, artwork done by the kids at Campbell Children’s School (Grandview’s co-located educational partner) and a coffee station for parents to enjoy.

Staff and family members alike are thrilled to see this room get some much needed TLC.

We are so grateful for the support, kindness and generosity the Humphrey family has continued to show over the years. We couldn’t have done it without them.

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