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Meet 7-year-old Weston. He is a happy, loving and friendly boy whose smile and contagious laugh can brighten anyone’s day. Weston loves playing on his iPad, with his brother Jase, all of his friends and enjoys pretty much any sport offered to him.

By seeing Weston, you’d never know he has had to overcome so many challenges, but he hasn’t always had it so easy. Weston was born with Spina Bifida which was diagnosed the day he was born. He was brought directly to Sick Kids where he underwent a successful corrective surgery at only 3 days old. Weston has been a client of Grandview Children’s Centre since he was an infant and has attended Grandview’s educational partner, Campbell Children’s School (CCS), for both Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten.

“We don’t know where Weston would be without the dedication of all the staff at Grandview and CCS, who have worked so hard with him,” said his mom, Krystal. “They are truly an amazing group of people whose love and compassion make the days for our children so much fun!”

Weston has delays in his speech and physical movement, as well as with his fine and gross motor skills, but after regular help from Grandview for Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physiotherapy– Weston is thriving!

Now in second grade, Weston is seeing much success.

“Weston is reading above his grade level, but still has delays in his verbal communication. He receives some assistance from an SLP, but not like he had at Grandview, and also has an OT come into the school to help him,” said his mother. “During recess, he rides a bike or trike around the school which gives him a dose of PT.”

Weston has made plenty of new friends since beginning school and has overall been having an excellent learning experience.

“Not to say there hasn’t been challenging times, because there has been many, but his teacher, EA and daycare staff have all been so amazing and accommodating to his needs,” said his mother.

In his spare time, Weston enjoys playing on his iPad, swinging on his backyard swings and playing with his little brother.


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