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By: Grandview Kids — May 15, 2018

After a long winter of playing in the snow, the kids at Campbell Children’s School are ready to embrace spring, with their teachers even bringing it into their learning curriculum.

Spring Gardens

In fact, April snow showers did indeed bring May flowers! The students are working on growing and caring for a variety of plants. From flowers, to vegetables and even grass, the students at Campbell’s have it all.

According to Janet Harper, the principal of Campbell Children’s School, “The gardens were part of the SCC (School Community Council) plan for last year, so we are continuing and growing the idea this year. We are also planting a medicine garden to support our Indigenous Studies.”

Walking into the classrooms over the last few weeks, students would be seen preparing their plants, learning about how they grow and watering them daily.

These gardens are another great example of the unique learning opportunities these kindergarten students receive. Around every corner, the teachers and early childhood educators at Campbell’s are coming up with new, fun and interactive ways for the kids to learn about day-to-day life.

Observing the Birds

Gardens aren’t the only way the students at Campbell’s are getting involved with nature, though.

Around the edges of the children’s accessible playground, soft wire cones full of material such as dryer lint, string and straw can be seen. What are these cones for? Building bird nests!

“Our School Community Council (SCC) created a plan at the beginning of the year to have bird nests that the students could observe,” said Janet. “The kits are incentive for the birds (to build their nests) and the bird houses will be attached to the classroom windows so the students can observe the building of the nests.”

These bird nest building kits will be a great way for the students to observe nature up-close in their school environment. We can’t wait to see what the birds build and if we’re lucky, see baby birds grow, too!

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