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Who we are

Grandview Children’s Centre is an independently operated not-for-profit organization. We are the only Children's Treatment Centre in Durham Region providing specialized programs, outpatient clinical treatment, and support to thousands of children and youth with special needs and their families.
Grandview offers a variety of programs and services:

What we do

  • assess, diagnose, prescribe and provide clinical treatment, specialized programs and therapies, and specialized equipment for children and youth with communication, physical or developmental needs;
  • provide access to specialists, consultation and support for families; 
  • build capacity in the community through information, knowledge exchange and consultation to professional and other organizations;
  • participate in research activity and teaching in the field of children’s rehabilitation.

INSPIRING POSSIBILITIES: Grandview Children's Centre Strategic Plan 2012-2017


In the fall of 2011, Grandview Children’s Centre initiated a strategic plan renewal process. In the dynamic environment of a growing region, developments in children’s rehabilitation treatment, challenging economic times for the Ontario Government constraining its funding, and increasing numbers of children and youth with special needs, a responsive Strategic Plan was needed.

Read the highlights of Grandview's 2012-2017 Strategic Plan below, or click here to read the full document.

You may also request a copy of the document by sending an email to info@grandviewkids.ca





… Inspiring possibilities for children and youth with special needs.




... Providing services and support for children and youth with special needs and their families to achieve their personal best.



Values are the foundation of Grandview Children's Centre and govern our actions. We strive to reflect our values daily in our work with children, youth and families, with our community partners and with each other.


Our values shape our culture:

  • Caring and Commitment: Being kind and compassionate; Knowing what we do makes a difference; Relentless attention to safety and quality

  • Whole Child and Family-Centred: Recognizing the needs of the whole child and family and providing service respectful of family life balance;  Appreciating that family members are the consistency in a child’s life and so are at the centre of the services we provide;  Seeking the input of families to shape our work

  • Trust and Respect: Believing our clients, families, partners, volunteers and employees have capability and competence; Valuing diversity of background and perspective

  • Innovation and Continuous Learning: Fostering a “culture of inquiry” and inspiring each other to advance our capabilities; Being flexible and innovative to accomplish goals

  • Accountability: Doing what we say we are going to do;  Being clear and open in all of our communications; Monitoring, improving, and evaluating all we do; Continuous pursuit of efficient and effective use of resources; Dedication to well-planned, responsible, ethical decisions on behalf of those we serve

  • Excellence: Advancing our clinical capabilities and organizational practices to deliver integrated, evidenced-based and results-oriented child and family centred services;  Leading the way in our field

Strategic Imperatives 2012-2017:

Strategic imperatives are over-arching and reflect the key focus needed to fulfill our mission and vision. These concentrate us on what’s important and responsive to our opportunities and  challenges.

Over the next five years, our strategic imperatives are:
  • Service Delivery, Quality, Safety and Performance: Enhance quality and safety and build capacity to meet the needs of the children, youth, and families accessing Grandview.
  • Transformation and Integration: Promote integration with our community partners to ensure children and youth receive services they need, where they need them, and when they need them;
  • Innovation and Knowledge Exchange: Foster discovery, innovation, and knowledge exchange.

Our Enabling Goals 2012 - 2017:

Grandview already has strong foundational elements in place.  The following goals align our organization to the vision and build capacity to pursue our strategic imperatives. They are the enabling and necessary supports and processes required organizationally to be successful.
These enabling goals are:
  • People: Foster a healthy, positive, and supportive working culture and the leadership, capacity, and teamwork of our people, families, and partners;

  • Technology: Connect the Tech – Expand the use of, and support to, emerging and relevant information management systems and technologies that are effective and accessible to clients, staff, and partners;

  • Facilities and Space: Access to efficient, safe, collaborative space in our facilities and in the community;

  • Governance: Ensure strong, strategic governance and financial sustainability.


Sources of Revenue: 2016-17 Operating Budget

Funding source 2016-17 Budget Percentage
  $ %
Ministry of Children and Youth Services: core services        $6,018,050          54.7
Ministry of Children and Youth Services: Preschool Speech and Language        $1,831,544          16.7
Ministry of Children and Youth Services: ABA-based Autism Services        $1,614,983          14.7
Ministry of Children and Youth Services: Infant Hearing & Blind-Low Vision              $64,216            0.6
Ministry of Community and Social Services            $152,976            1.4
Regional Municipality of Durham: Preschool Outreach Program            $443,902            4.0
Shared services reimbursement from on-site Section 68 School            $158,145            1.4
Donations/Fees/Grants            $464,400            4.2
Miscellaneous1           $252,711            2.3
TOTAL    $11,000,927       100.0%

1 Includes approved allocated administration for special programs funded by MCYS & MCSS

Our History

Grandview has been providing rehabilitation and education services to children and youth with special needs since 1953. While the name of the Centre, its location and its administration have changed over the years, the commitment of staff and volunteers, to provide quality service to children, has remained constant. Since Grandview first opened its doors, over 17,000 children and youth with special needs have been involved in our programs and greatly benefited from our wide array of services.

Our current main facility in Oshawa was built by the Simcoe Hall Women’s League to address the needs of a steadily increasing number of children who needed rehabilitation therapy and a school in their own community. The building was officially opened in November, 1983.

Children and youth in Durham Region deserve the very best that we can provide for them and this is what Grandview will continue to offer. With the ongoing and generous support of our community, we will remain dedicated to our mission of providing services and support for children and youth with special needs and their families to achieve their personal best.

Code of Ethics

At Grandview, our values are the foundation for our ethical behaviours when interacting with our clients, families/caregivers, visitors, existing and potential business and care delivery partners and each other. In the pursuit of excellence, this code will be adhered to by all Grandview Board members, staff, researchers, students, volunteers, contractors and by those doing business within Grandview.

  • Integrated health and safety: We are committed to ensuring a healthy, safe and abuse free workplace and care delivery environment.
  • Mutual respect and fairness: We ensure that our actions, attitudes and communications are free from bias and demonstrate integrity, respect, honesty, openness and accountability. This is reflected in our care delivery and business transactions.
  • Compliance with professional codes and standards: We adhere to professional standards and codes.
  • Conflicts of interest: We avoid activities that involve real or perceived conflicts of interest or that could influence (or appear to influence) our ability to make objective workrelated decisions. We do not use our position or affiliation with Grandview Children’s Centre to advance our personal interests.
  • Compliance with laws, rules and regulations: We comply with all applicable laws, policies, rules and regulations.
  • Employment practices and human rights: We practice workplace fairness and equity, embrace diversity and value cultural competence.
  • Access: We ensure that services are provided based on client need and are based on the current goals of the child/youth/families/caregivers, and the needs and abilities of the child/youth and families/caregivers at that particular point in time
  • Informed choice and empowerment: We strive to ensure that clients or their substitute decision-makers have the information needed to make decisions. We strive to ensure that all members of the Grandview workforce are empowered to make appropriate decisions within their roles.
  • Confidentiality and privacy: We recognize that private information (client, staff, business or financial) requires special protection and ensure that information is collected, used, maintained, disclosed and discarded appropriately.
  • Protection and appropriate use of assets: We protect Grandview assets from theft and wasteful, careless or inappropriate use. We ensure that assets (e.g. financial, equipment, communication systems, property, supplies and/or services) are used for business activities only.
  • Respect for the environment: We recognize our role in protecting the environment and work together to minimize our impact on the environment.
Caring and Commitment
Trust and Respect
Whole Child and Family-Centred
Innovation and Continuous Learning
April 4, 2013