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Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann ECEDH, R.N., B.A., M.B.A.
Chief Executive Officer

Grandview Children's Centre

Capital Development:

The Case for a New Grandview 

Grandview Children’s Centre is the only children’s treatment centre in Durham Region providing clinical outpatient paediatric rehabilitation treatment and specialized programs for children and youth with special needs and their families. 

Doing so much... 

Therapeutic AppointmentsGrandview was built in 1983 to serve 400 children per year. It now  serves over 5,600 children and youth per year with physical and/or developmental disabilities, as well as children with specialized communication needs. Each month, over 5,000 therapeutic appointments occur at Grandview’s six sites across Durham Region. 

But even that’s not enough... 

Right now, 2,753 kids are waiting for services from Grandview. Some will wait for months while others will wait a year or more. Overwhelming evidence shows the critical importance of early intervention. It’s undeniable - the earlier a child begins therapeutic intervention, the greater the child’s chance of reaching his or her full potential. At present, potential is jeopardized for kids with special needs in Durham Region by Grandview’s outdated and undersized facilities.  

Waiting List


Demand for service from Grandview continues to grow 

With the extension of highway 407 ETR and the approval of the sale of the land in Seaton, the population aged 0 to 19 is expected to increase, resulting in an estimated over 10,000 kids with special needs requiring Grandview's services by the year 2031. 
Grandview needs a new facility, not only to meet current and future demand, but also to ensure that the best possible services are available for the children of this Region. New space also means being able to serve children with special needs using the best, most current methodology and technology. 

A network of partnerships 

Partnerships are a core component of Grandview Children’s Centre. The vision for a new building includes co-locating with local agencies to provide multi-agency access for families all under one roof, while advancing our work with post-secondary institutions in the areas of training, research and job creation. Expanded co-location opportunities with our current education partner and our paediatric medical experts will also be possible. 

Multi-Agency Access

The time to approve the project is now 

Grandview Kids in Durham Region deserve the best, and together the province and our community can give them just that. In 2015, the Town of Ajax led the way with the donation of a 5.6 acre parcel of land where we will build our new headquarters. The cost of the project is $50 million. 
We are asking the provincial government for $40 million as we raise $10 million locally.

Our Ask

The kids and the community NEED a new Grandview. We can do it. You just have to believe. 

Infographic: The New Grandview: Centre of Paediatic Expertise in Durham Region

We encourage our community members to share this information. Please download and print copies of "The Case for a New Grandview", or share our website: grandviewkids.ca

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updated February 1st,  2017