Programs and Services


Physiotherapy provides a range of intervention and support services directed toward the prevention or improvement of movement difficulties and the promotion of functional mobility.

Physiotherapists at Grandview Children's Centre are licensed practitioners under the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. At Grandview Children's Centre Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy assistants support Physiotherapists by carrying out set treatment plans.

Grandview Children's Centre is committed to continued education for therapists to ensure they provide quality, up to date services to children and their families.

Your child may receive some or all of our physiotherapy services.

Upon referral from a physician, the physiotherapist will work with you and with team members to learn about your child and your family and how we can help to facilitate development. Physiotherapy can help to improve movement, independence, and participation of your child at home and in the community.


A comprehensive assessment can help you and your therapist understand your child's motor skills and interests. Therapists use a variety of observational and standardized assessment tools to measure physical and developmental change. Therapists can help you understand your child's development in comparison to their peers and help you recognize changes in your own child over time. As well as looking at motor development, the therapist will assess and try to better understand your child's:

  • Musculoskeletal System: How do the bones and muscles work together to move the body?
  • Neuromotor System: How does the brain and nervous system work to move the musculoskeletal system?
  • Participation/Function: How well do the above systems work together to enable a person to move around safely and independently in their home, school, and community?


A team approach ensures a shared understanding of your child and family's needs, treatment plans, and care-giving strategies. Individualized treatment programs will be developed for your child based on discussion with you about assessment findings and shared goals. We’ll offer practical suggestions to help your child and family achieve improved motor function. Long term follow up ensures continuity of care.