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By: Grandview Kids — March 15, 2018

Registration for summer camp at Grandview is now open! Why should you consider signing your child aged four to seven up for camp at Grandview? There are so many incredible reasons.

First, our summer camp is well supported, with a ratio of three children per staff member. Each camp counsellor is at some stage in their journey towards a career in healthcare or education, making them the perfect candidate to work with the children attending camp. Nursing students are also part of our staffing in order to provide personal care support to clients. This includes g-tube feeding, toileting, catheterization, blood sugar testing and administration of medications.

At Grandview’s summer camp, there’s a big focus on physical literacy, which means the kids are staying active in a fully accessible and closed in playground. The camp goals focus on the development of peer interaction and cooperative play skills. Grandview’s camp is an inclusive environment for all ability levels.

Grandview’s fun-filled camp includes weekly themes, like Jurassic Journey, Movie Mania and Winter Carnival. Kids will get to swim twice weekly in our therapy pool and work towards therapy goals in a fun way.

Camp participants must be able to: Manage in a supported group environment with a ratio of one staff for every three participants, follow directions with two simple steps (e.g. take off your coat and hang it up), participate in and complete a task during group and table top activities for a minimum of ten minutes and communicate needs and wants verbally or with gestures, facial expression, picture boards/books or adaptive technology.

The staff is excited about this upcoming summer camp season and we hope you are, too! To register for a week or more of Grandview’s summer camp, click here.

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