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At Grandview Children’s Centre we believe every child and youth can live life at their full potential.

Every Grandview kid has goals to reach, and dreams they wish to come true – no matter their ability, diagnosis or needs.

With help from Grandview’s expert paediatric and rehabilitation team, the impossible can become possible.

Gavin the Chef

Gavin is a Grandview kid full of energy and excitement, ready to chat endlessly about the things he’s passionate about, like his ultimate goal of becoming a chef. Gavin is funny and fun-loving. He also has cerebral palsy. Gavin and his twin brother were born premature. According to Gavin’s mother Heather, he was subsequently diagnosed… Continue reading Gavin the Chef

Odin the Teacher

Upon meeting 7-year-old Odin, one of the first things you’ll get to know about him is that he is full of energy and loves to chat about anything and everything. It wasn’t always like this, though. At just one year old, Odin’s parents had concerns about his ability to speak. “He was silent,” says Ashely… Continue reading Odin the Teacher

Holly the Firefighter

Grandview kid Holly already knows what it’s like to accomplish big goals. Goals that when she first started therapy at Grandview Children’s Centre at only a year old, seemed fairly out of reach. Holly began her journey at Grandview with Speech and Language Pathology. Holly’s mom, Kristen, began speaking to Holly’s Speech and Language Pathologist… Continue reading Holly the Firefighter

Rowen the Doctor

Rowen Santiago is a confident six-year-old boy, full of energy, excitement and chatter. It wasn’t always this way, though. At only 15 months old, Rowen’s mother, Laurie Santiago, became concerned about his reoccurring ear infections. She also noticed that his speech seemed a little delayed. Unsure what was going on, Laurie decided to call into… Continue reading Rowen the Doctor

Brooklyn the Pilot

At just four years old, Grandview kid Brooklyn has an advanced understanding of what it means to persevere in the face of adversity, something few children her age have to think about. Brooklyn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just over a year old here at Grandview Children’s Centre.  Small but strong at heart, she… Continue reading Brooklyn the Pilot

Matthew the Paralympian

Twelve-year-old Matthew has been a Grandview kid since he was six months old. Since then, Matthew has worked with his Grandview therapists to achieve each goal and milestone he has set his mind to. From his family being told by doctors at birth he would likely never walk, to walking, riding a bike and walking… Continue reading Matthew the Paralympian