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THINK AHEAD fire safety program for Grandview Kids

Do you live in Oshawa?

Sign up for the “THINK AHEAD” fire safety program for Grandview Kids: a partnership between your local fire services department and your family.

How does THINK AHEAD work?

Families living in Oshawa caring for children or youth with special needs contact their local fire services department to arrange a free THINK AHEAD home visit.

During the home visit, firefighters will:

  • provide you with information about fire education and prevention, as well as fire safety and emergency planning
  • receive information from you about your child or youth with special needs to ensure the most effective response is provided in the event of an emergency

Information gathered by firefighters from parents/guardians during the home visit will be added to an emergency responder database. In the event of an emergency, firefighters will access the information in the database about your child so when they arrive at your home, they will be familiar with your child’s special needs and any equipment your child requires for mobility and/or communication.

This program is also available for families of Grandview Kids in Clarington, and is coming soon to Whitby.

Sign up for a free THINK AHEAD home visit today!

If you live in Oshawa, please send an email to

A representative from Oshawa Fire Services will contact you to arrange a free home visit.