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Grandview Children’s Centre Autism Services and Supports

Grandview Children’s Centre has been the lead agency in Durham Region for ABA-based Autism Services since 2011. Our program experts incorporate the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based treatment, to teach children with ASD new skills in key areas including:

1.   Communication                6.   Play and Leisure
2.   Vocational Skills               7.   Personal Responsibility/Adaptive Behaviours
3.   Challenging Behaviour     8.   Motor Skills
4.   Cognitive Functioning       9.   Social Skills
5.   Self-Regulation                10.  School Readiness

The Ontario Autism Program is changing. Grandview’s status as Lead Agency will end (along with all other Leads in the Province) as of April 1, 2020.  Effective immediately, families can use personal funds, insurance benefits, and Childhood Budget funds to access our Autism Services Programs and our new Fee-for-Service offerings.

Click here for WINTER 2020 Autism Services Program descriptions.

Click HERE to download the WINTER 2020 Program brochure.

Who is eligible?

  • children and youth from 0 to 17 years of age (up until their 18th birthday)
  • children and youth with a confirmed diagnosis of an ASD, including Autism/Autistic Disorder, PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified), Asperger syndrome

How to Access Grandview Autism Services and Supports

  • Families can call Service Navigation at Grandview Children’s Centre directly: 905-728-1673 x 2533 or toll-free 1-800-304-6180 x 2533 and we will be pleased to answer your questions and get you started.
  • Service coordination is available to families who require some additional support to determine the programs and services that are the best choice for their family.
  • An assessment can be scheduled, and our team can work with you to identify a goal(s) to address during service needs

What Programs are available?

Families/caregivers of a child or children can use their Ontario Autism Program Childhood Budget, insurance coverage, or personal funds to register for Autism Service and Support Programs at Grandview Children’s Centre. Our Autism Service Programs are available through individual and/or group sessions and parent training offerings. Programs are developed based on the unique needs of each child. A treatment plan will be created with a focus on achieving pre-determined goals and outcomes.

The New Ontario Autism Program has an expanded list of categories of available offerings including but not limited to:

  • ABA-based offerings
  • 1-1 Support
  • Consultation
  • Service Coordinator
  • Parent/Caregiver Training
  • Camps
  • Parent Relief Respite
  • Workshops

Developed in consultation with our families, and based on clinician and space availability, we continuously work on an expanded number of programs and supports that will serve and support our Grandview family community.

YOU are a part of #TeamGrandview

At Grandview Children’s Centre, we respect the critical role that parents and caregivers play in their children’s lives. Many parent engagement and education sessions are available to support families to achieve their goals. During clinical sessions, parent/caregiver empowerment is valued and parents/caregivers are encouraged to learn and practice how to use strategies so they can help their children maintain or generalize their new skills at home. Parent workshops on specific topics will also be offered.

To further support our families, we have created a Parent/Caregiver Guide for our Fee-For-Service offerings. This guide contains all the information that you will need to get started with our new Autism Services program offerings, as well as our expanded Fee-For-Services offerings – Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Speech-Language Pathology.


Click here for additional information about Government of Ontario Autism Programs and Services including transition supports and respite