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There are a number of activities provided through Grandview’s Adolescent Program. Every activity has the same goals for adolescents with special needs:

  • to maximize an adolescent’s ability to function, and be as independent as possible, in the home and in the community;
  • to prepare for a smooth transition to adult living; and
  • to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as social and emotional well-being

Where are services located?

In September 2014, the location of services for Grandview’s Adolescent Program moved to the Abilities Centre in Whitby (55 Gordon Street), giving our clients the opportunity to experience the many benefits of the Abilities Centre, including access to adaptive sports equipment and accessible life skills training rooms.

All physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social work services appointments for adolescents previously scheduled at our Oshawa, Ajax and Port Perry sites now occur at the Abilities Centre.

Appointments for Grandview’s Specialized Clinics (such as Orthopaedics, Muscle Tone and Orthotics Clinics, Casting, etc.) take place at the Oshawa site of Grandview Children’s Centre (600 Townline Road South).

Your child is not required to be a member of the Abilities Centre in order to attend Grandview therapy appointments at the Abilities Centre location; however, if you have an interest in membership with the Abilities Centre, speak to your child’s therapist about special rates for Grandview Kids and their families.

Who is eligible for an Assessment?

Adolescents with physical disabilities who live in Durham Region are qualified to receive service through Grandview’s Adolescent Program, if the following criteria is met. The adolescent:

  • has a physical disability (significant neurological or complex orthopedic diagnosis that interferes with functional mobility)
  • lives in Durham Region; although it may be possible for some youth residing outside Durham Region to access Grandview through their local Children’s Treatment Centre
  • is between 13 to 19 years of age at the time of admission, although if a client has active goals, he/she may stay on caseload until his/her 20th birthday

What services can the Program/Discipline offer?

Under the guidance of a multidisciplinary group of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Grandview’s Social Work Services team, adolescent clients are supported in reaching their goals through:

  • individual therapy
  • group interventions
  • home and transportation assessment and prescription of equipment
  • client and family education
  • advocacy
  • building and continuing partnerships with community agencies and referral sources

What opportunities are available for adolescents?

The following programs are tailored to adolescents and young adults, and are provided by Grandview’s multidisciplinary adolescent team:

  • Teen Leadership Club: A group for teens where they are given the opportunity to socialize with peers, get involved in the community, plan social events, and be a mentor to others.
  • Turning Point: An annual week-long event held at Durham College in collaboration with the Ontario March of Dimes and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. This program provides older youth with the opportunity to develop and refine their independent living skills through workshops focused on budgeting and grocery shopping, mean planning and preparation, community travel, relationships, stress management, recreation, and health management.
  • Therapeutic Recreation: A variety of social-recreational groups for adolescents throughout the year.

How will my child be supported with transition to adult services?

It is never too early to start planning for the transition to adulthood! Throughout the adolescent years we work in collaboration with your child’s school and other community providers to help facilitate a successful transition to adult services. If your child has a developmental delay we will work with you to follow the Durham Integrated Transition Plan. Details regarding this program can be viewed on

Often the challenges that our clients face as adolescents continue into adulthood, and some of our clients encounter additional hurdles while making the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Services are available in the community to help address some of these challenges once clients reach age 20 and are discharged from Grandview Children’s Centre.  Please click here to see Adult Services and Supports link for details: Adult Recreation Options and Adult Supports & Services Chart

Service providers for adults with disabilities are located throughout Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Therefore, it is very important to connect with your Social Work Services worker to plan for your child’s transition from adolescence to adulthood to obtain guidance for determining which service provider will best meet specific needs, and to assist your family in advocating for those services.

Another resources that you may find helpful is the Teen Transition website developed by Lambton Kent, please see website for details.

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