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By: Grandview Kids — June 23, 2017

A group of crafters in Newcastle has created fidget muffs for Grandview Kids with autism. The muffs are made of wool and feature a wide variety of items sewn on like buttons, wooden beads, zippers, different types of fabrics and patterns, teething toys and stuffed animals that are sure to provide a sensory experience for children with autism.

The idea came about from one of the crafters, Beryl. She watched a documentary on the BBC about fidget muffs and twiddle mats being created and donated to nursing homes for use for people with dementia. She brought the concept back to her friends and they all jumped on board to get crafting. The group has donated these items to many nursing homes through out Durham Region.

The idea evolved when Beryl’s daughter, a special needs teacher inquired about her students giving the fidget muffs a try.

“She asked to take a couple to her class and the children with autism loved them!” explained Beryl.

She connected with Grandview Children’s Centre and invited Ellen Weir and Christine Curran with Grandview’s autism program to come check out what they had made in hopes that Grandview Kids would like to try them out, too.

Grandview now has about 40 fidget muffs at the Oshawa location and we welcome inquiries from parents who’d like to allow their child the chance to see how they like the fidget muffs. If a child takes a fidget muff, no payment is necessary, we’d really just like to receive feedback from the families on how it has helped their child.

“It can be very calming,” said Beryl. “We hope this catches on and we can introduce this to all of Canada. We would like to help others start their own crafting groups to make these.”

The group plans to continue crafting for Grandview Kids. They are looking for donations of items that can be used in the creation of more fidget muffs and twiddle mats.

For more information on how you can donate material, contact Beryl at: (905) 419-1973

Looking for your own Fidget Muff?

Christine Curran has more of these awesome Fidget Muffs for kids who may need one! She is also looking for feedback from those who already have a Fidget Muff, to see how this project is impacting the children who use them.

You can get in touch with Christine by calling: 905-728-1673 X 2283 OR by e-mail:

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