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Sloan became a Grandview Kid at three. She enjoys dancing, reading, drawing, and playing with her brother Corbin.

Sloan has Childhood Apraxia of Speech, which prevented her from forming proper words. She  was assigned Speech Therapy at Grandview and quickly surpassed everyone’s expectations. She learned new words and sounds with every session, which brought with it a boost to her confidence, and a love of showing off her newfound skills to anyone who would listen.

Sloan began attending Grandview’s educational partner, Campbell Children’s School, in September at the age of four. She is currently in Junior kindergarten and continuing to develop her language skills in a classroom environment.

“Our goals for Sloan: To graduate CCS and continue her education successfully at her next school, and to continue to kick Apraxia’s butt!” said her mom.

Sloan’s 2018 Update: Sloan and her family have successfully completed their goal of having Sloan graduate from CCS and continue her education!

“She is thriving at her new school and loving SK! She continues to grow and flourish,” said Sloan’s mother. “Sloan was discharged from Campbell’s and Grandview speech therapy last year, requiring no future therapy and is speaking at a level appropriate for her age. In essence, she beat Apraxia! We are so proud of her!”

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