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Madison & Jack

Madison is a smart, bubbly and active three-year-old. She loves the Toronto Blue Jays and even knows some of their names. Unlike many children her age, she can watch an entire ball game. Madison also throws an elegant tea party. In our busy home, baby brother Jack is also on the move.

After facing many delays with her gross motor skills, Madison was referred to Grandview when she was 10-months-old. There, we started doing physiotherapy and occupational therapy and were connected to a Developmental Paediatrician. Soon they diagnosed her with Cerebral Palsy — Spastic Diplegia.

Grandview supports Madison with occupation and physiotherapy to help with muscle stiffness and control. She also receives periodic Botox injections to ease spasticity in her muscles. Right now she is working on walking independently.

Grandview helps us source equipment including her walker, sometimes letting us borrow equipment for free. To ease her frustration, they suggest ideas such as the basket Madison uses on her walker to carry her toys from room to room.

Grandview’s Preschool Outreach Program (POP) worked with Madison’s specialized preschool to ensure she had all the support she needed and that her therapists there were working toward the same goals. In addition to other complementary therapies, she goes horseback riding at WindReach Farm in Oshawa. She’s a very busy little girl!

Our social worker connects us with other families and helps us access different funding options, supports and programs within our own community. As Madison gets older she will play a key role in supporting Madison’s emotional health as she discovers and accepts who she is. It’s really a holistic approach
to managing her needs.

We are also involved in a provincial research project involving Grandview called CP-NET. We feel the current research and work happening around the world is filtering through places like Grandview.

In the early days we felt disjointed until we came here. Once we arrived, everything was taken care of within one place. Now that baby brother Jack is also a Grandview Kid, this is more crucial than ever.

Eight-month-old Jack was diagnosed with Congenital Torticollis, a muscle disorder in his neck which occurred inutero. His treatments at Grandview began soon after one of Madison’s therapists noticed Jack’s tilted neck. To ease the scheduling burden, Grandview arranged Jack’s appointments to coincide with
Madison’s. They understand the practical demands our family faces.

Incidentally, Madison insisted the helmet Jack wears as part of his treatment, sport the Jays logo just like the one on her pink ankle orthotics. Gratefully, we expect Jack’s neck to recover within a year.

As for Madison, she will undergo surgery in the U.S. to permanently reduce the spasticity in her lower body. Grandview will support her through the year-long recovery as she re-learns her gross motor skills all over again before reaching the ultimate goal of walking

Luckily, Madison has had the same therapists since she was 10 months old. When she achieves things it’s like she’s their own. They celebrate with us and they love it. They are just part of our family now.

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