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Liam is a smart, silly, and lovable child.

At two years old, he was diagnosed with Expressive Language Disorder, and ten months later, was diagnosed with autism. At 14 months, he began to visit Grandview Children’s Centre for speech.

When he first came to Grandview, Liam required the use of a communication board. Within the last year, he has developed the ability to form full sentences, with assistance on grammar. He also uses an iPad with “Touch Chat” to help with clarification.

Now four years old, Liam has entered into Junior Kindergarten and has already begun making friends. He has learned how to write his name and loves writing it as often as possible, showing it off to anyone who is around. He also likes pointing out letters and numbers when he sees them when he and his family are out and about. He especially loves singing the alphabet song, and telling anyone listening what sound every letter makes.

His current goals are to expand his expressive language and joint attention when speaking to his peers and family, and learn toilet and bladder awareness.

“Liam always continues to amaze us and make us proud with his determination, dedication, patience and all around awesomeness,” said Liam’s mom. “When he sets his mind on learning a skill, he will learn and master it with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He just learned to ride his tricycle this week, where two weeks ago he didn’t even have the coordination to pedal.”

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Liam, who has been continuing to grow his skills with every passing day.

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