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6-year-old Jacob Breedon has been a Grandview Kid since the first few months of his life. Diagnosed with a mild developmental delay, attention deficit disorder and achondroplasia dwarfism, Jacob has had his fair share of struggles along the way.

According to Jacob’s mom, Elizabeth Porter (who also has achondroplasia dwarfism) , “even though he has these diagnoses it never stops him from trying his hardest in everything he does, as well as succeeding in life and being the happiest little guy he can be.”

Jacob attends Grandview for occupational therapy and physiotherapy. As Jacob got older, he developed a severe speech delay, so he also began using Grandview’s speech therapy services at two years old.

Since then, his speech has improved drastically and he does not require ongoing speech therapy any longer.

Jacob also attended Campbell’s Children school, Grandview’s co-located educational partner, for the first year of junior kindergarten in order to help him transition to public school.

“The school prepared him so well to transition to SK at John Dryden public school and worked very well with Jacob to support all his needs,” said Jacob’s mom Elizabeth. “Grandview supported Jacob in every way to make him feel more comfortable and independent at school with providing special equipment that may be needed for him to help him succeed in his first year of JK, as well ongoing continued therapy for Jacob to reach his goals and become successful with certain tasks and duties.”

Despite his diagnosis, Jacob continues to work hard and reach milestone after milestone.

“The biggest milestone we are very proud of is his speech,” said Elizabeth. “I never thought Jacob was going to talk properly and clearly as he got older, but now you can understand everything he says. He also speaks in complete sentences, tells you exactly what he needs or wants and will also let you know if something is bothering him. Before, his speech used to be moans and grunts, but now that’s completely changed.”

Jacob can also now read short stories and is able to write his name and letters. He knows how to count over 100 and is very tech savvy.

“We can’t thank Grandview enough for everything they have done for us and for Jacob, it’s unbelievable. Jacob first had troubles speaking, walking properly, using the washroom
and using fine motor skills, to now walking and running, speaking clearly and in sentences, using the toilet every day and printing  his name,” said Elizabeth.

Jacob keeps reaching his goals, learning new things and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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