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Gavin the Chef

Gavin is a Grandview kid full of energy and excitement, ready to chat endlessly about the things he’s passionate about, like his ultimate goal of becoming a chef. Gavin is funny and fun-loving. He also has cerebral palsy.

Gavin and his twin brother were born premature.

According to Gavin’s mother Heather, he was subsequently diagnosed with a hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorder and sensory issues. Gavin now has bilateral cochlear implants and attends regular therapy for his other diagnoses.

“We moved into the area approximately six years ago after Gavin had already been diagnosed. However, Grandview is one of the reasons why we moved into the Durham region,” says Gavin’s mother, Heather. “Given the multiple complexities and services Gavin needs, it was very appealing to be able to access all that care in one location. The clinical team at Grandview has been very supportive in every aspect of his care.”

Over the past six years, Gavin has attended Grandview Children’s Centre for Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation for swimming, summer camps and sailing and has also attended Campbell Children’s School, Grandview’s co-located educational partner. During his time at Grandview, Gavin has also been seen by the developmental pediatrician, physiatrist and orthopedic surgeon.

Gavin has been involved with Grandview Kids almost every step of the way. Currently, he attends Grandview for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

“The team at Grandview looks for ways to make therapy and learning fun and engaging,” says Heather. “Through Campbell’s and his Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy care, Gavin was given the skills and capabilities needed to be integrated into the mainstream educational system.”

When Gavin first started his therapy at Grandview, he wasn’t able to walk much at all. Since then, he has been able to walk independently up to 20 feet without the use of his canes or walker.

“The Grandview team has helped Gavin build his confidence to do things that he would otherwise have stopped attempting to accomplish, giving him a greater level of independence,” says Heather. “He can now use canes and furniture walk in small spaces. He is able to use a laptop with special software to type or produce written work required in Grade four.”

Gavin also gets Botox through Grandview for his cerebral palsy every four months and has already learned to identify when he is beginning to require another injection.

While Gavin has been accomplishing his therapy goals with every passing appointment, he was also able to get a taste of an even bigger goal of his, which is becoming a professional chef.

“Gavin has always been excited to help in the kitchen.  He has been cracking eggs and helping make baked goods since he was around 4-years-old,” says Heather.

Recently, thanks to Bistro 67 at Durham College, Gavin joined their kitchen for a day, working hard as a chef for the Grandview commercial. Both Gavin and his parents had an amazing time throughout the entire filming process.

“Gavin thinks he is famous since his video has been on the internet and he also used it in his school to raise money for Grandview,” says Heather.

Watch below to see a confident and excited Gavin get to experience what it might be like to one day work as a professional chef!

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