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Our nine-year-old-son loves to make people around him laugh. Kurt adores his baby niece and treasures family time. He wants to be a bus driver when he grows up and thinks wrestler John Cena is awesome. We think Kurt is awesome. Thankfully, he knows he is too.

When we were 19 weeks pregnant with Kurt and his twin brother, Kurt was diagnosed with severe Hydrocephalus due to a stiffened, narrowed ventricle. It is an incurable condition. The doctors expected Kurt to be born in a vegetative state.

Looking at this vivacious kid now, it is amazing how far he has come. It is also evident how vital Grandview has been to Kurt and our family.

Shortly following the insertion of a shunt to drain fluid from Kurt’s brain at one month old, Kurt started coming to Grandview to receive occupational and physiotherapy. He received Botox treatments to improve his balance, learned to walk, crawl and climb stairs.

However at three years old, the shunts began to fail regularly, resulting in lethargy, vomiting, headaches and ultimately several surgeries. Things stabilized until one morning Kurt couldn’t get up from the floor where he was playing with his toy cars. His left side was completely paralyzed. A cyst was pressing on the part of his brain that controlled his motor skills.

Again, Grandview was there. Kurt needed intensive therapy to overcome his paralysis. In true Grandview style, they stepped up to the plate.

Following his surgery in Toronto we insisted Kurt return home to recover — and to Grandview for therapy. We were concerned that he would never come out of the paralysis. Yet Grandview made it happen. If it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t be where he is now.

Having Grandview here in Durham Region meant we could keep Kurt home with us during his recovery. Grandview is very supportive. They have the answers and the comforting words we need to hear.

Kurt continued physiotherapy while he attended Campbell Children’s School in SK to get ready for grade one. He was a big hit there. Grandview was also our advocate when transitioning Kurt to the mainstream school system.

Now a grade 5 student in public school in Oshawa, he suffers from a mild disability that makes it hard for him to understand instructions. Mandy, his social worker from Grandview, helps him with that.

No doubt about it though, Kurt is as bright as his personality. This is the kid who, following his own surgery, visited other children in their hospital beds
to see if they were okay.

Now he is due for an occupational and physiotherapy assessment at Grandview. We hope to continue with additional treatment.

Just the other day his teacher emailed us about Kurt’s leadership and “awesomeness” in the classroom. Words can’t describe how proud we are of him. They also can’t describe what Grandview means to us. Although if you ask Kurt about Grandview can you guess what he’ll say?


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