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Our Mission

Every child and youth living life at their full potential

Our Vision

To provide family-centred paediatric and rehabilitation services for children and youth with physical, communication and developmental needs

Our Values

Values are our foundation and govern our actions. We strive to reflect them daily in our work with children, youth and families with our community partners and with each other. They shape our culture:

  • Caring and Commitment: Being kind and compassionate; Relentless attention to safety and quality.
  • Whole Child and Family-Centred: Appreciating that family members are the consistency in a child’s life and so are at the centre of the services we provide.
  • Trust and Respect: Believing our clients, families, partners, volunteers and employees have capability and competence; Valuing diversity of background and perspective.
  • Innovation and Continuous Learning: Fostering a “culture of inquiry” and inspiring each other to advance our capabilities; Being flexible and innovative to accomplish goals.
  • Accountability: Doing what we say we are going to do; Being clear and open in all of our communications; Dedication to well-planned, responsible, ethical decisions on behalf of those we serve.
  • Excellence: Advancing our clinical capabilities and organizational practices; Leading the way in our field.