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Families are asked to support Grandview’s commitment to Health and Safety by:

  • providing supervision of your child(ren) at all times while on Grandview property
  • reporting any unsafe conditions, incidents or injuries immediately to staff
  • exiting the building promptly if the fire alarm sounds
  • rescheduling your appointments if you or your child is ill
  • using water and soap or hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of infection when entering the building or arriving at reception; we also ask that families
  • clean and sanitize their hands before going into a therapy session, before leaving the building, and as needed
  • reducing the risk of exposure for clients, staff and visitors with allergies/sensitivities by:
    • not bringing nut products
    • not bringing products made with latex such as balloons
    • not wearing strong scents such as perfume
  • promoting parking lot safety by:
    • driving slowly in the parking lot
    • looking out for all pedestrians – big and small
    • not allowing your child(ren) to enter or leave the parking lot/building on their own
  • providing a safe and secure environment by preventing workplace violence and harassment:
    • it is everyone’s responsibility to prevent violence in the workplace, reducing the risk to the well-being of staff, volunteers, clients and their families
    • Grandview’s goal is to create a mutually respectful environment, and has policies and procedures to decrease the risk of workplace violence and manage situations involving violence and harassment; Grandview staff and/or police may intervene to end any abusive situation if required