Privacy and Confidentiality we are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and their families

Collection and use of personal health information

To provide the best care possible, we need to collect and use information about you and your family.  We will make sure that all your information is kept private.  
The personal health information we collect and use may include, for example, your name, address, birth date, health history, records of client visits with Grandview Children’s Centre and the care received during those visits.  We may collect personal health information from other sources if we have your consent or if the law permits.  
Your personal information is stored in a safe and secure environment and is collected and used to:    
  • assess client needs
  • provide, monitor and evaluate client care
  • communicate with families and with other care providers
  • deliver safe and efficient care and ensure continuous high quality service
  • meet legal requirements
  • identify information for strategic planning and decision making
  • verify accountability with funding bodies and internal processes
  • assist with quality assurance, risk management and outcome  measurement activities to be accountable to our funding partners
  • conduct research

Limited information (such as your name, address and email address) may be used by Grandview or its Foundation to request your participation in a survey, to provide you with news about our programs, services and special events or for fundraising purposes to improve our health care services. 

Sharing client information

 To ensure the best client care, Grandview may share your personal health information with those people who need it for their work with you and your family or with those who have a right to it by law. This could include:
  • therapists, medical staff and associates, both within and outside of Grandview
  • student trainees, volunteers, and support staff
  • authorized individuals who are reviewing records for quality improvement purposes
  • other individuals, if you agree, or when the law requires or permits it.

Parents/legal guardians receive copies of Grandview reports regarding their child and are encouraged to share this information with other involved agencies and individuals.

Information from your child's record may be used (without identifying information) for research purposes.

Client/family choices

The client and family may ask to review their personal health information and may seek correction of information that is believed to be inaccurate.  
The client and family may withdraw consent to some of the above uses and disclosures by contacting our Privacy Officer. 
If you have questions or concerns about the privacy of your personal information, please contact:

Grandview's Privacy Officer: 905-728-1673 x 2259 or toll free 1-800-304-6180 x 2259

The use of email is prevalent in our culture - and with it concerns about privacy and security, especially when dealing with sensitive information such as health records.

In light of the above, and in response to overwhelming requests from families, effective June 1, 2014 Grandview established an email policy that allows some communication via unsecured email while mitigating the risks involved in transmitting personal health information. Our policy includes procedures for staff regarding communicating electronically with clients/families.

If you wish to communicate with Grandview via email, your child's therapist will review the policy with you and obtain your signed consent to proceed.

Our secure email server, ACCESS, continues to be available for electronically sharing clinical information. 

ACCESS (Allowing Confidential Client Email Sharing Security) is the secure email platform used by Grandview Children's Centre to allow email communication between our staff and families or professionals while still protecting the privacy of our clients.

Registration with ACCESS is required using an email address and a password that you choose. We maintain the security of your information by using the same type of technology used for online banking. Email addresses provided to Grandview Children's Centre for the purpose of communicating through ACCESS will not be shared with any other individual or organization.
For further information about communicating by email, or to register for ACCESS, please contact your child's therapist or Grandview's Privacy Officer:
905-728-1673 x 2259 or toll free 1-800-304-6180 x 2259

Change of information

To help us keep accurate records, please make sure we have the correct information regarding your child, such as birth date, health card number, and primary physician's name. If you change your name, address, or phone number, please notify your child's therapist immediately, or contact Clinical Information Services at Grandview Children's Centre:

905-728-1673 x 2223

toll free 1-800-304-6180 x 2223