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Durham Region CARE Clinic

Durham Region CARE: Children's Activity and Responsible Eating Program

Durham Region CARE Clinic is a medically-supervised children's weight management program. The CARE (Children's Activity and Responsible Eating) program strives to prevent chronic disease and support healthy living for overweight and obese children. CARE will assess children and youth up to 18 years of age with a Body Mass Index >85% per World Health Organization (WHO) BMI-for-age.

CARE is designed and facilitated by two paediatricians and two registered dietitians from Durham Region. By teaching children and families about responsible eating and active living, CARE hopes to empower children and their families with the knowledge they require to make healthier food choices, participate in regular physical activity and change the future health of the next generation.

A physician's referral is required for the CARE Clinic and should be faxed to 905-728-2961 to the attention of Dr. R. Rajah and Dr. C. Montgomery in care of Grandview Children's Centre.

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