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Family Resource Centre

Grandview's Family Resource Centre is generously supported by:


Our Family Resource Centre makes educational resources available to Grandview Kids and their parents/guardians and siblings, as well as to staff of Grandview Children's Centre. The Family Resource Centre includes a wide range of information about children and youth with special needs, as well as information on general health, parenting and family life, all to help you understand and support the growth and development of your child.



NEW BOOKS…. 2016



·       The Autism Mom's Survival Guide (for dads, too)

·       Totally Chill:  My complete guide to staying cool - a stress management workbook for kids with social, emotional or sensory sensitivities

·       Let Me Hear Your Voice  A Family's Triumph Over Autism

·       Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism - Building a Future Together

·       Sesame Street We're Different, We're the Same

·       Raising a Child with Autism   A guide to applied behavior analysis for parents

·       Uniquely Human  A different way of seeing autism

·       Tales from the Table

·       How to get your kid to eat…but not too much

·       Child of Mine - Feeding with love and good sense

·       The Loving Push

·       Don't Call Me Special  A first look at disability


Where is the Family Resource Centre located?

·       in the waiting room at the main site of Grandview Children's Centre in Oshawa

·       some resources are also available at the Ajax and Whitby satellite locations of Grandview Children's Centre

What resources are available?

·       books including popular titles, topics and authors

·       DVDs and videos

·       magazines and booklets

·       brochures for services available at Grandview Children's Centre, and additional services in the community

·       forms, including: Disability Tax Forms and Accessible Parking Permits

·       and more 

Can I view a list of Grandview's resources online?         

·       view a list of all our resources >> updated: December 22, 2016

·       use the tabs at the bottom of the list to locate resources at our Oshawa, Ajax and Whitby sites

·       note: some resources on this list may currently be on loan to families

Who can borrow materials from the Grandview Children's Centre Family Resource Centre?

Full use, including borrowing privileges, is available to:

·       families and other caregivers of Grandview Kids currently receiving services at Grandview Children's Centre

·       staff of Grandview Children's Centre

·       staff of related agencies providing service to Grandview Kids

Any member of the community (such as high school students studying disabilites) may visit our Family Resource Centre to view materials on-site; however, only those listed above may borrow and remove materials from Grandview Children's Centre.

How can I borrow materials?

All books, DVDs and videos must be signed out including your name and phone number. Loan periods are as follows:

·       books: 3 week loan

·       DVDs and videos: 1 week loan

Please be considerate to other families when borrowing from the Resource Centre. Thank you for returning all borrowed materials within the expected time frame.

You may receive a reminder call for overdue borrowed materials.

More questions about resources?

Call the Family Resource Centre: 905-728-1673 x 2293 or toll free 1-800-304-6180 x 2293

Online Resource Centres

Partners for Planning Resource Network - online resources for families


Additional online resources compiled by other Ontario Children's Treatment Centres in the Greater Toronto Area: