Programs and Services

How will my child receive services at Grandview Children's Centre?

At Grandview Children's Centre, we strive to inspire possibilities for children and youth with special needs. We are committed to providing services and support for children and youth with special needs and their families to achieve their personal best. In fact, this is our vision and mission.

Grandview Children's Centre offers many different programs and services that align with our vision and mission. We also place a great deal of value on recognizing the needs of the whole child and family, and provide services from a family-centred perspective.

We recognize that families are the experts regarding their child, and that they are the constant in their child’s life. That’s why children, youth and their families are at the centre of the services we provide.

Grandview Children's Centre recognizes that high quality, evidence-based care may be delivered in many ways. Within our various programs and services we may offer:

  • assessment and monitoring of your child’s functional abilities
  • parent education sessions
  • individual or group-based therapy with a clinician or clinician assistant
  • home programming support
  • consultation, and/or support for community integration

These services are built upon research, clinical knowledge and leading practices. Services are reviewed and updated as new research evidence and knowledge emerges.

The mode of service delivery offered to a client and family is selected based on the current goals of the child/youth/family, and the needs and abilities of the child/youth and families at that particular point in time.

For example, it may be determined that the most effective way to meet a specific goal is to educate parents/caregivers about strategies to use with their child throughout their day, as a child plays and learns naturally. Or, it may be decided that a child would benefit from working toward goals in groups with peers that are working on similar goals to increase their interest and motivation to participate.

In addition to the way service is delivered, the frequency and duration of service may also change and evolve as life needs change. As more research is published, we advance our understanding regarding the frequency and duration of therapy needed to help children, youth and families achieve their personal best. We factor this evidence into the responsibility we have to our community to utilize available funding to meet the needs of our population.

Since children and families are at the centre of our services, we also consider other factors when determining frequency and duration of service, such as:

  • your ability as a parent/caregiver to engage in therapy and follow through with suggestions at home and in the community
  • your child’s ability to participate in and benefit from service
  • other issues that may impact your ability to access service, such as your family schedule, access to transportation, etc.

We sincerely wish to make your family’s experience with Grandview Children's Centre valuable and look forward to working with you to help your child or youth achieve their personal best through our programs and services.

Please also see:

Bill of Rights for Families

At Grandview Children's Centre, you and your child have the right to:

  • respect and personal dignity
  • care that supports you as a family
  • information you can understand
  • quality health care
  • emotional support
  • care that respects your child's growth and development
  • make decisions about your child's care

At Grandview Children's Centre, your family responsibilities are to:

  • provide information about your child
  • provide appropriate care for your child
  • respect and consider the rights of others

Programs & Services

Grandview Children's Centre offers a range of services to thousands of children and youth with special needs in Durham Region. Our client and family-centred approach emphasizes collaboration with clients, parents, caregivers, community agencies, educators and physicians. Among the services offered are:

Our staff work to provide a coordinated approach to care. They assess, diagnose (where appropriate), consult with parents and families to establish a plan of care, offer information and intervention as needed, and make referrals to appropriate community agencies.

The Preschool Outreach Program at Grandview Children's Centre provides consultation services from a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and audiologist to licensed child care programs. A doctor's referral is not required.


Who is eligible for service?

Grandview Children's Centre serves children and youth with special needs under the age of 19 who live in Durham Region.

There are additional requirements for eligibility.

For more information about eligibility, contact


How to make a referral

Our family-centred approach emphasizes collaboration with parents, community agencies, educators and physicians.

Referral forms are available from community agencies, doctors' offices and from reception at all of our locations.

Referrals for Medical Services, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy require a physician's signature.

All other service requests may be initiated by parents or agency staff, and are accepted by telephone.

For more information, or to make a referral, contact:

Main site of Grandview Children's Centre in Oshawa


toll-free 1-800-304-6180


Grandview Children's Centre - Referral Form

Need a Referral form?

Click here to download a Referral form.  



After we receive your child's referral

The Admissions Committee of Grandview Children's Centre meets twice per month to review referrals received.

After your child's referral has been reviewed, you will receive a letter outlining the recommendations of the committee. The physician that referred your child to Grandview Children's Centre will also receive a copy of the letter, if applicable. The letter will indicate the service(s) recommended, and will include one of the following: 

a) an appointment time if one is immediately available, or

b) information regarding the estimated wait time for an appointment, or

c) recommendations for service from a provider other than Grandview Children's Centre.

The Admissions Committee reviews all referrals with the exception of referrals to the following programs and services:

For these programs and services, families will be contacted by an intake coordinator with an appointment time, or information about the estimated wait time for an appointment.

Attendance Policy

In order for Grandview Children's Centre to make efficient use of resources and to provide meaningful service to all our clients and their families, it is important that all appointments be kept. If you do not keep appointments, or if you fail to Contact Us if you need to cancel an appointment, this may result in the discharge of your child from our service.

Your opinion counts


Your suggestions for improvement in the quality of our services, our environment, our procedures, etc. are welcome.

Please email your suggestions to


Feedback from our clients and their families helps improve the quality of communication, care, service and interaction provided by staff at Grandview Children's Centre. All complaints will be documented, investigated and responded to in a positive, respectful and confidential manner.

If at any time you have concerns with regard to your child's care, please discuss it first with your child's therapist who will attempt to satisfactorily resolve your complaint.